November 18, 2015

What We Do

Planning and implementation of general PR strategies and programmes

  • Survey and assessment of current image and media attitudes towards the client
  • Situation media analyses and analyses of public attitude towards the clients’ activities
  • Preparation and implementation of anti-crisis programmes
  • Planning and implementation of programmes aimed at enlarging consumer groups in the sphere of activity
  • Advisory services to coordinate the PR strategy with the overall corporative and marketing strategy
  • Planning and implementing PR campaigns
  • Preparation and implementation of plans and approaches to establish, build up or change a client’s image
  • Preparation and implementation of programmes to increase our clients’ competitiveness
  • Organization of events
  • Social media marketing – Facebook; Twitter; Google+, etc.
  • Blogs and forums monitoring, writing comments, information in case of crisis, response.
  • Weekly monitoring of blogs and websites on topics that concern the client.  

Establishment of, and support to, press services and PR units at client companies and organizations

  • Training of PR experts to handle communication with media, clients, institutions and staff, support to press services in creating friendly groups of journalists, reporting on company’s activities
  • Individual training of speakers and press secretaries, conducting tests and contests, advisory services to human resource units in hiring experts for PR and publicity units.

Advisory services, preparation and implementation of programmes to enhance internal corporate communication:

  • Preparation and implementation of concrete steps to enhance management-staff relations
  • Programmes to improve internal information activities and implementation of staff
  • Research among the company’s clients about their contentment for the offered services or goods
  • Advisory services to improve company’s social climate, relations with trade unions as well as to deal with social conflicts
  • Programmes to optimize relations with clients and outside employees of the organization or company

Miscellaneous Services:

  • Marketing field studies
  • Media analyses of clipping and monitoring
  • Organization of promotions and presentations
  • Organization of press conferences, briefings, press-cocktails, receptions, seminars etc.

Individual training of managerial staff aimed at enhancing their own image

Marketing And Advertising

The focus of DD Agency’s activities is on PR, however the needs of the Agency’s clients have led to the establishment of Marketing and Advertising Departments.

DD Agency has experienced and highly professional teams of experts for direct marketing and analyses of on-going advertising campaigns in Bulgaria. The Agency elaborates and implements advertising strategies. Among publicity and advertising products of the experts and consultants of DD Agency are:

The publicity film “Мade In Bulgaria” for one of the most luxurious Bulgarian hotels “Laguna”; a publicity film about Savoy, a Bulgarian brand of spirits

  •  TV commercials of Pappy Juices, Dinevi&Co Construction Company, City University, Pravets
  • TV and audio commercials of LUKoil—Garant Pension Fund and the manufacturer of stick crackers "Hrus-hrus" MLIN—97
  • Radio commercials
  • Printed materials for direct marketing, etc.
  • The Agency is a producer of the movie “Fly By Rossinant” of the director Georgi Stoev – Jacky

DD Agency has prepared and successfully carried out a  PR and advertising campaign for the implementation of a new product of “AGRIMA” JSCo – natural juices “Prisun”.

As a part of the PR strategy of the brand “Pirinsko Pivo”’s image making campaign, D&D took part in the  implementation of the new brand of beer “Zlaten elen”.

  • In 2003 the Agency succeeded in promoting the new “Super Diesel” of
  • LUKoil Bulgaria
  • D&D organized the official opening of the new bottling factory of natural mineral water “Vodica”, part of the holding “Zlaten Lev”

The Agency is regularly updating its database for:

  • Organizations and companies with an internal PR department, analyzing their activities
  • The condition of the media market – editions, print run, public preferences, rating of broadcasts, etc.
  • The development of market – economic groups, changes in corporate image, invasion of new companies, development of competitors, etc.
  • Methods and means of corporate identity, used by local and foreign organizations, human resources in the PR sphere.

The wealth of information in DD Agency’s database provides opportunities for the implementation of large-scale thematic surveys and analyses of the public and economic processes in Bulgaria, the Balkan region and Eastern Europe!